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Cancellation and Refund Policy


1. The admissions are cancelled by the Academy if the information provided by the trainee is found to be incorrect, or the trainee has taken admission by mistake, being ineligible to undertake the training.

2. Academy has provided 'pay as you go' installment  facility to the trainees, hence in case after admission, the trainee fails to pay for the rest of the sessions, the training shall be suspended for some time and after a passage of 15 days the admission shall be cancelled for that particular trainee.

3.    In case of such suspended training, the trainee shall be able to resume the training within a period of 15 days only in the fresh batch, while after the cancellation of the admission, the trainee shall have to seek fresh admission by paying the admission fees afresh.

4. Any trainee may be suspended from obtaining training due to various reasons of indiscipline and given a show cause notice, and in case of any non-satisfactory reply to such show cause Notice, the admission of the trainee may be cancelled.


1. In case of the trainee has installed and tested the necessary training software, no refund of admission fees shall be made.

2. In case of mistaken admission, full refund of the Sessions fees and where no software installation has been done then 75% of the admission fees shall be refunded. However, in case of ineligible admissions, only a deduction of processing fees of Rs. 250/- shall be done.

3. In case of wrong or incorrect information provided by the trainee only 50% of the sessions fees shall be refunded  and where no software installation has been done then 50% of the admission fees shall be refunded.

4. In case the trainee has to leave the training half way, for any reason other than indiscipline, and some sessions fees is balance with us, in such an event 50% of the balance sessions fees shall be refunded.

5. In case of cancellation of admission due to indiscipline 25% of balance sessions fees shall be refunded.

6. All refunds shall be made only in the bank account of the trainee upon receipt of the complete details regarding the same, within 5-7 working days from the final processing of the refund.

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