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Chief Mentor
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Chief Mentor
Advocate Satish Maheshwari

Dear friends,

Welcome to the world of legal profession. As you might be aware, the legal profession comprises of the practicing lawyers as well as law officers. While the lawyers are legal professionals acting as legal consultants and representing people, the law officers work for one particular body and have to only look after the legal interests of that employer.

The life of a professional is very hard and we are going to make you undergo some hardship to live that life. The life of a legal professional is not a simple 9 to 5 desk job, but it involves a lot of hard work involving primarily analysis of the situations, immediate reactions thereto, and preparations therefor. Let me just point out that generally a lawyerโ€™s day starts at 8 in the morning with the advent of the first client, and continues thereafter with the preparations for the day in the court, actual attendance at the court with full attention and involvement in the process, coming back in the evening to the office full of waiting clients and having dinner after the last client leaves, where after one has to sit for the work either working on the cases or drafting the case or documentation. A good (and of course successful) legal professional rarely gets to sleep before 2. This goes on for 6 and half days every week.

Therefore, you have to also work that hard and complete your assignments in time, even when it means (and always implies too) that you have to actually burn midnight oil to complete the same.

Of course a legal professional has to be also very alert all the time, and we expect to inculcate this alertness in you.

We do understand, as a student you have lead a very easy and protected life, however, we are here to prepare you for the hard life ahead, and what better place to do that than in the still protected atmosphere of the Academy. This reminds me of a lioness training her cubs in hunting. She is fully protective to them but makes them learn by hunting very small and slow moving objects first in order to make them learn the basics of the hunting, which is going to be their only life line. We use similar methods of supervised training before exposing you to the harsh realities of the world.

There may be several moments during your training that you may feel let down or dejected due to any reason, or may have some personal problems. I am here to see to it that, you face this crisis in its proper perspective and come out with flying colors, and as our logo says, get the colour and feather in your law graduation cap. Therefore always feel free to get in touch with me for any problems that you may face, during the period of your training, irrespective of whether it be something related to your training or anything personal.

I wish each one of you happy and successful training.

Advocate Satish G. Maheshwari.

Vakilbabu Academy

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