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Fees Structure

Valid until further notice

Since it is professional training, and not a classroom training, a full time 8 hours a day course on campus would last up to 6 months for 5 days’ week and excluding the regular holidays. However, since this is kind of personalised training, the time duration would depend upon various factors like the time given to the training by the trainee and the grasping as well as its conversion powers by the individual trainee. Moreover, the trainees may skip certain modules in case of their existing proficiency in those modules. From our side we try to train the trainee to the utmost proficiency by undertaking various tests from time to time and are satisfied only after the particular trainee attains certain level of proficiency expected of a top-notch professional.

Therefore, though the exhaustive online training for law graduates is expected to last around 200 sessions in all, it shall vary to an extent for each individual trainee, and it depends on the skillset already acquired, inherent aptitude, raw talent and efficiency in grasping the training, as well as the efforts undertaken by the particular trainee in the training, including the required personal discipline.

Our fees are therefore based on the actual time taken by the trainee in undergoing the training. Therefore, we have kept a small admission fee to cover administration and such similar costs like guidance on the setting up of relevant software by the trainee, its successful deployment and testing, and the Session Training Fees, which would be payable for the routine training. Apart from these, there is a test fees, since the trainers are periodically conducting routine tests of varied lengths, which amount shall depend on the time given by the individual trainer for the concerned test and evaluating each individual trainee, and shall be notified well in advance, and may be some other incidental fees in case of any other group activity like the end of course intensive training camp that, the trainees may prefer to undertake in due course of training, this shall also be discussed with the trainees by the individual trainers and declared well in advance. Most of the tutorials, assignments and tests are charged as a proportionate number of sessions required for the correction plus the actual time consumed.

Admission Fees : Rs. 3,000/- + taxes per trainee.

For individual Law Graduate Trainee : Session fees of Rs. 300/- + taxes per Training Session of duration of 40 to 60 mins., depending on the particular trainer and the topic of the day, payable for a minimum of 10 Sessions, and in multiples of 5 Sessions as add on with discount for bulk payment of the sessions.

First few introductory and induction Sessions are free. As of now, there are no applicable taxes.

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