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Courses Offerred

Presently the Academy is providing only highly interactive online training to law graduates for higher reach and easy accessibility from everywhere.

The Courses offered are all Certificate Courses and basically comprise of various modules, which one can opt either singly or in combination of choice.

The Modules -
Lawyers' Basics
Lawyers' Primaries
Fundamentals (Legal Diagnostics)
Lawyers' Tools
Court Craft
Chamber Practice
External Work and
Dealing with clients.

The entire contents of each one of the modules are combined together and scheduled in a logical flow in the name of "Mastering Advocacy", which is the complete extensive course, and hence highly recommended for fresh law graduates.

Each one of the courses cover both the training for practicing lawyers as well as law officers.

The courses comprise of lectures, tutorials, demonstrations, practicals and tests.

After the end of each online program of "Mastering Advocacy", we have an intensive training camp for real life hands on practices.

At the end of the course, one can schedule any specialised training.

Vakilbabu Academy

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